Traditional Finnish Log House


For the serious DIY’er out there that wants to build a traditional Finnish log house, this video is a great place to start. It is a Log building documentary from the Finnish National Board of Antiquities that is trying to preserve the traditions and heritage of the Finnish people.


The Finnish National Board of Antiquities preserves Finland’s material cultural heritage: collects, studies and distributes knowledge of it. The Board is a cultural and research institution, but it is also a government authority charged with the protection of archaeological sites, built heritage, cultural-historically valuable environments and cultural property, in collaboration with other officials and museums.

The traditional log house is built naturally by hand, every inch carved from logs by hatchet. We’ve had horizontally piled log buildings already since the early 5th century. And, at latest since the 13th century, round-base-joint-notched (also known as “dog’s neck cornered”) round log buildings. Homes like these have kept us warm through the Arctic winters already five hundred years before Leif Ericson found The New World five hundred years before Columbus.


So for a lot of hard work, some logs and a few tools, you can have a beautiful log cabin. For anyone that is seriously thinking of tackling this, here is a great video from the US forest service that might be worth looking at.

Build on people!