550 Firecord


I came across this new product called 550 firecord that I just had to share with you guys.

For the woodsman, prepper, survivalist, etc. Fire starting is usually one of the top priorities whether it be a weekend outing, building your BOB or just building skills. Most people integrate paracord already into their packs but here is a product that helps with the fire building function.

Some people might scoff at it and think of it as just another gimmick and a waste of money. Would I use this as my only tool? No, security and safety is all about building layers around you, this would just be one more layer that could help you in a time of emergency if needed.

Even some of the professional survivalists struggle with fire making from time to time, often that perfect tinder is not available in the environment you are in.

550 FireCord – The Next Evolution in Outdoor Gear Preparedness (via PRWeb)

Live Fire Gear LLC successfully funds KickStarter project in less than 24 hours for 550 FireCord. 550 FireCord ~ Light the Fire Within This product will revolutionize the Outdoor Gear Industry. It combines the utility of paracord while fulfulling the…

A video of it in use.

One question someone asked was about how would it work with singing the ends when making paracord projects, they address that here.

Can’t wait till this product hits the market, I will be swapping out my paracord immediately.