8 Uses For Buckets On The Homestead


People starting out on their homesteading journey can find that expenses add up quickly. Chicken feeders, watering cans, building raised beds and other projects can put a huge dent into the budget. I decided to browse through our forums the other day and pick out some of the different projects that have been posted over the years that high-lite inexpensive DIY projects around the home. So here are 9 uses for buckets that can help; anything that saves a nickle or two is a good thing in my book.

Inexpensive Chicken Feeder

Growing Potatoes in a Bucket

How to Make a $12 Rocket Stove

Self-Watering Container Gardening System

Apple Cider Pressing

Bucket Waterer For Chickens

Growing Mushrooms in a bucket

Tiny Hydro-Electric Generator

Make sure you check out local bakeries and restaurants; you can often find buckets for free. Just make sure you ask for permission.

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