How To Install A Bakers Salute Oven

Photo Credit Lehman's

For those that heat with wood; having the ability to use the heat lost in the chimney flue to cook with would be an ideal situation. The Bakers Salute Oven gives you the ability to do just that. I have had my eye on a Bakers Salute Oven for the last couple years, but every time I looked on line at Lehman’s they were back-ordered. Well one day they finally showed as being in stock so I ordered one, and of course it was immediately put on back-order.

So after waiting patiently for several weeks, I finally received a shipping confirmation, and three days later it arrived. It was much bigger and heavier than I expected, now we just had to install it.

Check for damages first

Remove existing pipe

Measure clearance and test fit new stove-pipe

Dry fit pipe into bottom of oven

This would be a good time to clean your chimney

Set oven on wood-stove and slide down top pipe

Screw through bottom flange into pipe

Screw top pipes together

Insert thermometer

Snap rings hold it in place

Start cooking!

There are a lot of questions about these ovens and probably the biggest two are:

  • Does the food taste smokey? No smoke enters the oven chamber; it goes up through the bottom and runs up baffles that are built into the walls of the oven.
  • What about creosote? We have not noticed any significant creosote build up since using the oven, but we have an Earth Sheltered Home that uses about a cord of wood a year. Those that burn more wood; I would check it frequently. There are access ports on the sides and the back for cleaning the oven.

You can buy them from Lehman’s at the link below.

…Bakers Salute Oven.

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  1. That thing is awesome looking! I would think it would work as a heat sink as well? Did you notice a difference?

    I want one, just forwarded this to MrsMedic, lol. How much?

    I look forward to the first pizza to come out of that thing!

  2. Just curious…..considering the soot and creosote that will build up in any chimney and needs cleaned. How do you clean it out of the baffle in the oven. Is there a access port to the inner walls of the oven for cleaning that out? Thanks!!