Bathtub Duck Pond


One thing that often stops people from raising ducks in their backyard is the thought that they need to dig a pond for them. While a duck technically does not need a pond they do need water deep enough so they can bathe themselves in; such as a kiddie pool.

One of the negatives of using a child’s pool is that the water needs to be changed every couple of days and depending on the size can weigh almost 1000 pounds when full. Unless you have a pump you will have to pour the nutrient rich water right where the pool sits. A water source such as the bathtub duck pond in the video above might be a better alternative for you.

Youtube user 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub shows how he re-purposed an old bathtub that was free into a watering hole for his flock. By utilizing local materials he was able to keep his costs down and even incorporates a brilliant drainage system which can help with irrigating your garden.

Another inexpensive method is using landscape timbers and a pond liner; it will cost more than the one in the video but it would be a great centerpiece for your coop. You can see the complete build on at the link below.

Building a pond – step by step

Have fun with your ducks!
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