DIY AR-15 Speedloader


Here is a DIY AR-15 speedloader that you can build for not a lot of money. Anyone that shoots on a consistent basis knows that reloading spent magazines can get tiring real quick.

Now I’m not talking about three or four magazines; this would be helpful for those that shoot several thousand rounds when they have a range day. This simple tool can be a lifesaver. Or thumbsaver depending on how you look at it. For those without the time to build something; Brownells sells a simple thumb loader for under thirty dollars. For the big spenders out there, take at look at the Maglula Benchloader. Maybe Santa will be really nice this year!

It’s always good to have some white out around to mark your magazines with a coding system as well.

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Why you may ask?

  1. Telling yours apart from others’ at the range or in classes
  2. Separating training/range mags from defense/combat mags
  3. Designating different ammo types
  4. Designating different capacities
  5. Keeping track of which which mags are used in rotation
  6. Knowing how many mags you have in total
  7. Mag malfunctions and needs to be rebuilt or discarded

Stay safe and have fun out on the range!