Michael Ruppert Has Died


Michael Ruppert has died from a reported self inflicted gunshot wound. I was shocked to see this being reported on twitter last night and was hoping it was some sick late April fools day joke.


RIP Michael C Ruppert, your insight & passion will be missed. I wish I was able to tell you how much you were loved & needed in the struggle

— Abby Martin (@AbbyMartin) April 15, 2014


Unfortunately it is not and has been confirmed by Michael’s lawyer, business partner and friend Wesley T. Miller.


I have been informed that MCR has committed suicide. I am devastated, and very, very sad…

We’ll report more as information becomes available.



Source: http://www.collapsenet.com/free-resources/collapsenet-public-access/news-alerts/item/12454-collapsenets-founder-michael-c-ruppert-has-committed-suicide

Michael gained media attention on November 15, 1996 when there was a town hall meeting in Los Angeles with CIA director John Deutch. Mr. Ruppert used  the opportunity to confront the CIA Director on the agencies involvement with illegal drug importation. The CIA director was later relieved of his duties due to how poorly he handled the situation.

Mr. Ruppert is a former Los Angeles Police Officer turned Author, Investigative Journalist and Peak Oil awareness advocate as seen in his book Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil and the documentary Collapse which is focused on his concerns for the coming crisis of peak oil.

From 1998 to 2006 Mr. Ruppert published the highly criticized newsletter From The Wilderness which dealt with environmental, US drug policy,  political and governmental issues.

Michael was also the founder of collapsenet.com but left day to day operations of running the site in 2012 and  was recently the focus of the Vice Documentary:  Apocalypse Man


Most people were first exposed to Michael C. Ruppert through the 2009 documentary, Collapse, directed by Chris Smith. Collapse was one of the scariest documentaries about our world and the fragile the state of our planet. It was also one of VICE’s favorite films from the past ten years.

Michael was forced to leave the LAPD after claiming that the CIA was complicit in selling drugs across America, and he quickly became one of the most original and strident voices to talk about climate change, government corruption, and peak oil through his website, “From the Wilderness.”

Following the release of Collapse, Michael’s personal life underwent something of a collapse itself and he paid off all his debts, left behind all his friends, and moved with his dog Rags to Colorado, planning to commit suicide.

VICE caught up with Michael in the middle of the epic beauty of the Rocky Mountains at the end of last year. We found a man undergoing a spiritual rebirth—still passionate about the world and with a whole new set of apocalyptic issues to talk about.

Apocalypse, Man is an intimate portrait of a man convinced of the imminent collapse of the world, but with answers to how the human spirit can survive the impending apocalypse.


Thank-you Mr. Ruppert for opening the eyes of a lot of Citizens out there about the world around them, including mine. May you rest in peace.

Photo Credit: http://independentreport.blogspot.com/