Pepperoni Cheese Ravioli


I made the pepperoni the other week so I decided to make some pepperoni cheese ravioli with it. This is such a simple recipe a caveman can do it! (or woman) I had vacuum sealed it and stuck it in the freezer and after letting it for a couple days

ImageI got my flour and eggs

Imageand whipped up some dough

ImageI grabbed my pasta maker and ravioli press

Imageand cut my dough ball up into smaller pieces

Imageand rolled out my sheets

Imageso I chopped up some pepperoni

Imageand laid a sheet on the press and set some cheese and pepperoni in each hole

ImageI laid another sheet across and rolled it with my pin

Imagepopped them out

Imageand repeated the process

ImageI had a pot of boiling water going, so I dumped them in there

Imageand got some butter melting

ImageI drained the pasta and dumped it in the saute pan, a couple of them didn’t make it :(

Imageand tossed them in some sauce and served with cheese, was good