Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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The Kindling Cracker

Splitting firewood is a necessary evil if you want to heat your home or garage with a wood-stove. The process of splitting can be dangerous as you use smaller pieces of wood for kindling; an ax...
mud oven

How To Build A Mud Oven

One of the projects I have been working on is building a mud oven. It is fast, easy and costs nothing to make if you use materials that you can find right in your backyard. Plus...

DIY Hot Dog Recipe

Hot dogs have been an American favorite for generations. They are a quick and tasty item that can be prepared as a base dish for a cheap dinner. Unfortunately they are not very healthy...

DIY Backyard Smoker

When we started building our home one thing that was on my priority list was a backyard smoker. Since we were raising our own animals it only made sense that we have the ability...

DIY Flower Pot Smoker

The date was June 11th, 2003 when a show by the name of Good Eats turned the backyard smoking world upside down with a simple modification to a flower pot. With the addition of...