How To Vacuum Seal Food In Canning Jars


Food preservation is one area that people often feel that they need improvement in. There are so many different methods available it can become very overwhelming at times; for example, dehydration, pickling, pressure-canning, smoking, salting and cold storage. So let’s focus on the simplest method, let’s learn how to vacuum seal food in canning jars.

Canning jars? Yes, canning jars. For those looking towards a life of self-sufficiency on any level; whether it be a small fraction or 100%; canning jars are a necessity. Most people have them stacked in the garage while not being used, but I recommend using them to store shelf stable foods instead. If you purchase staple items in bulk such as rice, beans, flour, sugar or dehydrated foods; you can save a large amount of money and easily build a years supply of food. An extra added benefit is that they are reusable; they are more expensive than the vacuum bags, but with proper care they can last a life time. Below is the basic process.

1I will use wheat berries for this example.


2Fill the jars, an O2 absorber can be added.


3Use two lids, it will create a better seal.


4It takes about 30 seconds to seal.


5We are still using this rice 5 years later.

6The method can be used for dehydrated food.

7You can even bottle wine.

8Do not use like this!

I have an issue with that last picture of the canning jar attachment that is all over the internet; you want to use this process only for dry goods. If you vacuum seal something that is not shelf stable and set it in your refrigerator to use in a short amount of time; then that is fine. For the safety of your family; do not vacuum seal perishable goods and set them in your pantry; you need to utilize other preservation methods.

The O2 absorbers are a little overkill; the vacuum sealer does an outstanding job of evacuating all the air out of the jars. Just in case though; I’d rather be out the cost of the O2 absorbers and not the food. Have fun and good luck!

FoodSaver T03-0006-02P Regular-Mouth Jar Sealer

  • For use with wide-mouth standard size mason-type jars and lids
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  • Great for liquids, sauces, fragile foods and dry goods
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